Monday, July 9, 2012

We All Scream For Ice Scream (2007)

Directed By: Tom Holland

Starring: William Forsythe, Lee Tergesen, Ingrid Tesch

The Main Review: We All Scream For Ice Scream was another Masters of Horror episode, made in 2007. It was based on "I Scream. You Scream. We All Scream For Ice Cream," a short story by John Farris. It follows Layne (Lee Tergesen), who, as a child, pulled a prank with some other boys that got a stuttering ice cream truck driver clown named Buster (William Forsythe) killed. Years later, Buster comes back to exact his revenge and be a creepy clown.
Oh, yeah. Did I mention Buster kills the men by turning them into ice cream? Well, he does. It's totally not ridiculous at all.

In the first scene, a man named Kent is pleading with his son to not eat some man-shaped frozen treat. The kid does and his father melts into ice cream. Then kid doesn't seem too thrown and tells him he shouldn't have grounded him. Kids are evil.

Cut to Kent's funeral. Layne, a childhood friend of his, has moved back with his family recently and, lately, a lot of his old friends have been shuffling off. Along with that, the kids in the neighborhood keep wandering outside late at night, with quarters, waiting for an ice cream truck.

We cut to some flashbacks and learn that Buster, who was a driver for Cheery Tyme Ice Cream, was a really nice guy He was a friend of the kids. He told jokes and di likt. He was just really super great. One of the boys, Virgil, who for some reason really didn't like Buster (because, I dunno, kids are evil), pulls off Buster's red clown nose to reveal that he had no actual nose to speak of. Poor Buster.

Here's Where It Gets Spoilerific: So, in another flashback, we see a the boys pull a prank on Buster, in which they distract him and pull the breaks on his truck so it starts to roll downhill. They push him so he drops some change and, to pick it up, he ends up right in front of the oncoming truck. He gets run over and Virgil just keeps laughing and laughing. Kids are really evil.

So, Virgil and another one men involved with Buster's death snuff it, leaving Layne as the last man standing. He tries to send his wife and kids away, which doesn't work, but rigs up a plan to kill evil Buster. He makes a ice cream treat in the shape of a clown and wraps it in a Cheery Tyme wrapper. His son finds it and eats it, killing Buster once and for all. Layne moves his family away, but will forever be haunted by the eerie ice cream jingle Buster sang.

Scenes To Watch Out For: Layne goes to visit Virgil, who's in the tub. In order to be threatening, Virgil pulls out a knife. But... He's in the tub... So, he was bathing with a knife? Just waiting around for someone to threaten?
Also, when Virgil melts into ice cream, he doesn't just melt like the other guys. His skin dissolves in a complete gooey, bloody mess.

Anything Else: So, what did we learn? Lessons are important and I feel like there was so much to this film. I learned that kids are evil and that you shouldn't mess with clowns, because, no matter how nice they seem, they will come back and get their revenge.

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